Every week this page will be updated and will inform you on everything the dev team has done throughout the week. If you have any suggestions, dm Flaymed#0126 on discord.


Bug Fixes:
  • League logos are now all the same size.
  • Twitter link on the homepage now works.
Minor Changes:
  • Changed changelog icon.
  • Forums icon updated.
Major Changes:
  • Dark themed homepage.
  • Dark themed forums.
  • Added changelogs page.
  • Added ranked page (MSCL ONLY).


Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed global mutes not muting in the community discord.
  • Stopped 'permanent' mutes from randomly expiring.
  • The !setleague command now works again.
Minor Changes:
  • Moderation commands can now take place in #hub.
  • Removed the @everyone role from the !whois command.
  • Roster data changed so roster changes will not instantly update but periodically every 30m.
  • Auto-unmutes are now logged.
  • Dyno has been removed.
  • !roll command.
  • !invite command.
  • !slowmode command.
  • !kick command.
Major Changes:
  • !help command alongside each ?command for help, e.g ?mute.
  • The MSCL has had ranked integrations including the !ranked command and a #call-log.
  • Command Aliases: View Aliases.
  • Auto Name-Update Script. No more need to send in name changes in #tl-updates
  • Bypass detection by automatically muting users if they try and leave/join the guild whilst muted.
  • Staff chats have been disabled for message logging, meaning chat mods can now view #modlog.
  • Alt detection by automatically muting users if their account was made on the same day as joining the guild.
  • Redid leveling system.